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With PetroStar Services, LLC's vast array of thru tubing equipment combined with experienced, well trained technicians and field supervisors, we can successfully eliminate virtually any well bore obstruction. Our inventory includes a full line of thru tubing tools and accessories. Sizes range from 1.25”OD through 3.50”OD equipped for coil tubing, hydraulic work over units and work over rigs.

All tools, equipment, motors and mills must undergo extensive inspection and testing prior to deployment. All down hole motors must meet manufacturers specifications before they are assigned to the field. We utilize the Dyno-Master system which provides verification of motor performance. Each test provides a graphic illustration of the motors actual performance detailing the relationship of a given flow rate on the motor, the resulting pressure, speed and torque. This process reduces greatly the possibility of motor failure during operation. We do everything possible to eliminate unnecessary cost to our customers by providing the best personnel, proven tools and equipment backed by a team of industry experts that can handle any well bore issues that might arise during a thru tubing procedure.

Milling & Remedial Ops

  • Cleanouts (Scale, Barium, Sand, debris, etc..) 
  • Obstructions such as Safety Valves, Locks, Bridge Plugs, and Nipples


  • Plug mill-outs
  • Sleeve mill-outs
  • XRT Agitator


  • Different style locks
  • Stuck Wireline Tool Strings
  • Junk Baskets
  • Guns
  • MR Plugs

Download: Thru Tubing Catalog

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