Pressure Control

PetroStar Services, LLC provides round the clock service with competent, motivated personnel utilizing premium equipment that meet and exceeds API 6A requirements. We are committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone affected by our operations.

API 6A, 21st Edition Specifications – Wellhead and Tree Equipment

Examples of products supplied are Casing Heads, Casing Spools, Tubing Heads, Gate Valves, along with internal wellhead components, such as Casing Hangers, Packoff's, Tubing Hangers, and various drilling rental tools, such as Test Plugs and Wear Bushings. API 6A products are used in every aspect of a wells’ design.

  • Drilling- Wellhead components such as Casing Heads, Casing Hangers, Tubing Heads, and Tubing   Hangers. This equipment is designed to hang off each string of casing/tubing at surface, isolate wellbore and/or backside annulus pressure for complete well control during drilling operations.
  • Completion- Stacked Gate Valves (aka Frac and Big Bore Valves) are used together to form a Frac Stack, which is used as a conduit and well control from the frac pumps through the wellhead and to the produced zones during Frac and Flowback operations.
  • Production- Stacked Gate Valves are assembled together to form a Production Tree (aka a Christmas Tree & Flow Tree)   provide a conduit for produced fluids and/or gas. These Tree’s are connected to the top of the Tubing Head and allow the produced fluids and/or gas to flow out of the wellbore through the flow line and sent to a storage facility, production facility, or in some instances a sales line. The equipment is also used for Salt Water Disposal and injection wells.
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