PetroStar Services, LLC Pumpdown services have become increasingly important as the oil and gas industry evolved from 12-35 degree deviated wellbores to full 90 degree lateral well designs. Non-stimulation related high horsepower pumps are needed on the wellsite to pump toolstrings through the heel of the well and out to the “toe” of the well. Pumps are often placed opposite the frac fleet and near the wireline unit at the wellhead. Pumpdown services are typically needed for a number of processes including: wireline plug and perf, CBL / RST logs, toe preps, sleeve shifting, casing testing and camera conveyance. Pumpdown services are also used to backstop coiled tubing, snubbing and workover units.

PetroStar Services, LLC Pumpdown services include:

  • Toe Preps
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Wireline
  • Workovers

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